Which screen is REALLY the “first screen”?

With all the focus on the second screen, perhaps we have the wrong perception of what that means?  How we view media, entertainment, news and information; as well as communicate among each other – has changed dramatically in the past decade – that’s more than obvious.

While devices sell new services, it’s not always all “about the device”, it’s more about the message (read: ‘the content’), and how or where it is delivered.  There are more ‘second’ (or third) screen resources today than ever before.  We need to change the focus on what that really means to all of us, including the broadcaster.

Nest CEO, Tony Fadell, got it right.  At the inaugural Code Conference he said that the ‘first screen is that one in your pocket’.  It’s the one you interact with the most, and the one you have with you all the time.  That big flat screen monster in your living room – that’s become the second screen; with a new purpose and new uses developing.

Consumers, retailers and broadcasters are starting to get this point; and we’re going to see the progression toward mobility connected to the first screen continue to soar.  We just need the rest of the infrastructure to be built up to carry that information in a reliable, economical way that isn’t constrained by the number of gigabits you can share with your friends or mobile devices per month.  Let’s set a goal to get 100 Mbits or more, bi-directionally delivered to everyone in the next 5-years; make it wireless and make it essentially a commodity like water, gas and electricity.